Wild Weather and Earth Day


Earth Day!
 Happy Earth Day!

The joys of Spring! Flowers…Birds… Winter Coats and Hats!?  Yup! This weather has been a bit out-of-whack. Hopefully everyone is still enjoying Spring break!

We just completed our Spring unit at school- weather, seeds, and Earth Day! Whew!

First, the crazy weather…

We started by reading The Wind Blew by Pat Hutchins, which our preschoolers thought was pretty funny. It’s also a great book for making predictions using the illustrations.


Then we made our own wild weather. Before mixing black and white paint, we predicted what color we would make. We made some very gray and stormy clouds.

Now for the fun part. We added a few drops of blue paint and our preschoolers practiced their oral motor skills by blowing the rain down with a straw. They loved it!

Stormy Day!
Stormy Day!


We read The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss and “planted” our own carrots! We talked about different fruits and vegetables and how some grow up and some grow down.


The dirt was their favorite part
The dirt was their favorite part! (They rolled brown paint over cabinet liner)


After reading I’m a Seed, we planted our own marigold seeds in class using a Pot Maker.  (We purchased this using our class credit from a For Small Hands order in the Fall. It’s great!) You can find it here.

Seedling Pot Maker



Finally, we celebrated Earth Day with a seriously-fun Recycled Band! Our preschoolers brought in recycling items from home. We then added a few things- rubber bands to make guitars or beans to make maracas, and loud, green, fun was had by all! 🙂


“Moo-ving” on to Farm and Baby Animals after break. Can’t wait!


Keep Playing!