Upcoming Events

Peek at Preschool Open House on Saturday, March 4th!

website-update-10Children ages 2-4 and their caregivers are invited to join us at Katrina Trask Nursery School for our Open House “Peek at Preschool” series.  We invite you to meet the teachers, explore the classroom and get a hands on experience of what a typical day at preschool is like at KTNS!  We will be reading stories, doing crafts, learning new things, practicing our preschool skills, and having a fun time.  Come and see how our philosophy of “Learning Through Play” will spark a love for learning, that will last a lifetime!

Play time begins at 10 and program begins at 10:30.

Contact us at 584-8968 or info@ktnurseryschool.org

Katrina Trask Nursery School ~ 24 Circular Street, Saratoga Springs


KT Kids Consignment Sale!

Friday, April 28th – Presale – 12:00 pm-3:00 pm.  Passes are $10.00 per person.

Friday, April 28th- Public Sale- 3:00 pm-8:00 pm.  FREE Admission

Saturday, April 29th- HALF PRICE SALE- 9:00 am-1:00 pm