The Simple Days of Summer!

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Happy Summer Everyone!

After the rush of June and all the end-of-the-school-year craziness it brings, I love the beginning of summer, where we have a few lazy days. My girls and I enjoy playing at the local playground, rediscovering our backyard, and curling up with some good books.

With our hectic, (and probably over-scheduled) school year, I celebrate this time. I also know quite a few parents who dread this time of transition, especially those with kiddos of preschool age. As with any change, some kids don’t take too kindly to it! Those with boundless energy need an outlet, (or several!!) and parents are often exhausted after a long, summer day with their nap-defying preschooler.

While summer fun can be had (for you AND your preschooler!) at local camps, those parents wishing to DIY have lots of options:

Check out your local Library as they have MANY free programs over the summer suitable for your preschooler. They also have a Summer Reading Program, designed for preschoolers, so YOU reading to them, counts!

Summer is a great time to explore State Parks with walks, swimming, and usually a playground or two. Pack a picnic lunch to extend your stay!

Rainy weather? No problem! Rain is a perfect excuse to check out a local Children’s Museum, or other kid-friendly Museum, or you could try bowling with your preschooler! (Also a great activity on those 90+ degree days).

And don’t forget the magic of your own backyard! A sprinkler or some gardening, can fill up a day with great summer fun!

As for technology, I tend to limit it over the summer. Parents looking to “reign it in” have several options. We use Technology Tickets at my house, and they work great! Each ticket is worth 30 minutes of screen time. You can decide how many tickets they get per week. You can print your own here.


Here’s to a wonderful summer! And don’t forget- whether you are wishing for it or not, September is right around the corner!


Keep Playing!  🙂