Shearing Sheep and Funky Humpty

We wrapped up Nursery Rhymes today and said good-bye to one of my favorite songs- “Ain’t That Funky Now” by Gen Jereb from her Jumpin’ Jellybeans CD. It’s a great song, covering several Nursery Rhymes.  You can listen to it here.  I happen to LOVE the whole CD, as do our preschoolers.

We also had fun learning the Humpty Dumpty rhyme, and the kids got a kick out of “fixing” Humpty.

It was great scissor practice as each kiddo cut Humpty into several pieces, some requiring a bold line for guidance, and some able to “freestyle” it. Thankfully, no one became overzealous and we did not have any shredded Humptys! Then, they had to piece together the Humpty puzzle and figure out how to use the band-aids to fix him.

We found our preschoolers liked to err on the side of too many, rather than too few 🙂

Image result for humpty dumpty bandaid project


Our sensory bin was turned into a Baa Baa Black Sheep shearing activity. This was a messy one! Our inspiration for the activity was found here.

We laminated 3 sheep and used shaving cream as the wool. Our preschoolers had a great time (like,up to their elbows great!) shearing the sheep and filling their 3 bags of wool (plastic cups).

There really are sheep buried in all that shaving cream!
There really are sheep buried in all that shaving cream!

Next week we will be learning about the weather and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!  I’ll  share how our St. Patrick’s Day sensory table came together…another fun one!


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