Preschool Inspiration

Even though we are in the midst of learning about our five senses at school this week, planning for the next theme has already begun…Nursery Rhymes! Can’t wait! 🙂

As teachers we like to think we reinvented the wheel (and are creative geniuses!) when it comes to planning, but the truth is: somewhere, someone, has already done a theme REALLY well. I’m always happy to pass along websites and blogs to parents when they comment on a particular game, project, or manipulative we have used at KT.

So I thought I would pass along four of my most favorite blogs today. They are my first stops when researching ideas for our next theme. And with the upcoming vacation and STILL NO SNOW, hopefully you will find some inspiration for indoor fun!

I love Allison’s approach to teaching numbers and letters. Her blog is packed with simple ideas for games to be played right at home and is organized really well, for easy searching.

Katie’s free printable packs are amazing! She also has an extremely easy-to-navigate website, especially regarding themes. There are some great alphabet printables for use at home, too.

I just recently discovered Sheryl’s blog, and it quickly became a favorite. Many of the activities are simple, but fun. One post I really liked was Winter Math Activities. Great ideas, and easy enough to do, and enjoy at home!

Deb is a former Montessori teacher and posts many wonderful, Montessori-inspired activities for home and the classroom. At KT, we do not use “pen and paper.” I love all the great ideas for sorting and developing fine motor control, and she has some really nice science and animal lessons as well.


Keep playing.