Pets and Vets and Bears, Oh My!

We wrapped up our unit on pets and other wild animals and it was a definite favorite. We had quite the menagerie at circle time every day!

For dramatic play, we had our own Veterinary Hospital and also a Pet Store.

Our office had a waiting room, x-ray machine, and LOTS of bandages for our animal friends!

A huge thank you to Saratoga Veterinary Hospital for loaning us some amazing X-rays and light box. We we able to view X-rays of broken bones, a pregnant dog, and even a dog who ate some small, metal, springs. We had LOTS to chat about!

Open for business
The KT Pet Store is open for business!

Our Pet Store was hoppin’ and we did not just sell your typical dogs, cats, bunnies. Oh no! We also sold slightly more exotic pets, like snakes (the soft, fuzzy kind) and crabs, and birds!

We found the staff to be quite young (only 3!) but very knowledgeable and they gave us great suggestions on how to take care of our new pet.

Like: “You should keep your snake in a cage when you drive in the car”  OR

“Give your cat lots of toys”

Since the pet store had such a selection, the customers could be very picky. Often they asked for a brown cat, or a white rabbit. Or sometimes, they would ask for 3 dogs. It’s a good thing the staff knew their colors and numbers! 🙂


Roll the die to see how many bones to give your dog!
Roll the die to see how many bones to give your dog!

Speaking of numbers, we added (ha! get it!) more math skills with our Dog Game.


Everyone loves the watering hole!

Our sensory table was a bit WILD! We had lions, giraffes, elephants and rhinos. Our preschoolers enjoyed finding matches and comparing sizes. They also had practice scooping the beans and “feeding” the wild animals. We also talked about the differences between pets and wild animals.

We made some really cute projects this unit- too many to share them all, but here were my 2 favorite:

Our own little Norman's to take home
Our own little Normans to take home

We read Not Norman by Kelly Bennett, about a boy who gets a fish for his birthday and wants a “more exciting” pet. Such a sweet book!


Ready to feed the birds...or the squirrels!
Ready to feed the birds…or the squirrels!

We also made bird seed cakes to feed our feathered friends on our playground.

The recipe is here.  Our preschoolers loved hanging them up outside on our tree and waiting for the feast to begin!


We are moving into our Spring unit next (ironic, given the snow!) and will be learning about flowers, spring weather, and celebrating Earth Day! A fun-but-dirty sensory bin, blowing art, and a recycle band will be coming your way soon….   🙂

Keep Playing!