Penguins, Polar Bears, Snow and Ice


Winter has arrived at KT!

Even though it’s chilly outside, (and the snow has been hit or miss), we enjoyed all things “winter” in our classroom!

We brought the fun indoors!
We brought the fun indoors!

We did have a bit of snow, and were able to bring it…wait for it…INSIDE to our touch table! The table was crowded with preschoolers waiting to “paint the snow.” The watercolors worked really well, and students were able to blend colors and create some nice art in the snow!

Needs a bit more red...
Maybe a bit more purple… 🙂


We also asked families to save plastic jugs for a special winter project. They came back from the December break, and were greeted with this:

Complete with ice fishing hole!
Complete with ice fishing hole!

There is just something about snug, little places to play (think forts made out of sheets, and playing under dining room tables). Our preschoolers had a great time pretending to ice fish, looking over a good book, or even packing a picnic to have in our igloo 🙂

And we should have purchased stock in glue gun glue sticks…whew! It was ALOT of glue!


We also had fun with our sparkly, minty play dough. Perfect for little hands to roll our snowflakes, or build a snowman, without getting too cold 😉



Speaking of snowmen, we read Snowmen at Night, and made our own melted snowmen. Our snowmen got caught up in all sorts of mischief, causing them to melt!!

Why did your snowman melt?Cover art


We finished our Winter unit, learning about polar bears, penguins, and narwhals (because we  Image result for heart  Elf).

There were penguins to swim, float, and rescue from the ice.



We learned about how polar bears keep warm and use their padded feet to walk on the ice.

We also made N is for Narwhal, to add to our Animal Alphabet Wall!

N is for Narwhal
” Bye Buddy! Hope you find your dad.”

We are leaving the cold behind and blasting off in to space next!


Keep Playing!