Oatmeal = Sensory Bin Magic

As Valentine’s Day is approaching, we have been preparing at preschool by making cards, cutting out hearts, playing in our Post Office, and learning songs about love!

We made some really cool squishy hearts, inspired by a squishy planet project I found. We used card stock in a large heart shape, and added red and white paint. They came out really neat! Sorry, I am without a picture…you’ll just have to trust me!

Another big hit has been our oatmeal sensory table.

Super simple, but tons of fun!
Super simple, but tons of fun!

To put it together, we used 3 canisters of oatmeal, and added some fun heart shaped confetti, red plastic hearts, little heart figures, and Valentine-themed erasers. Ah, the treasures one can find at the Dollar Store 🙂

Then we put in different sized containers. The ice tray and muffin tin are great for 1:1 correspondence. We also added spoons, large plastic tweezers, and some small shovels and bowls.

It was great to see the amount of games the kids could come up with at the table. Whether it was hunting for buried treasure, counting the small hearts, or filling up the containers and pretending it was cake.

The kids all enjoyed exploring at the table, even those who usually shy away from the sensory table. The oatmeal is soft, making it a really great, inviting base, even to those with some tactile sensitivity. Bonus: if some oatmeal is sampled in a momentary lapse of judgement, it’s only oatmeal, and even the accidental spill swept up quickly.

I would definitely recommend a DIY Oatmeal bin at home. It’s a great rainy day, or super cold day activity. All you need is a medium-sized, shallow bin (another shout out to the Dollar Store!), oatmeal, and some kitchen goodies (spoons, bowls, ice cube tray etc)


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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