Nursery Rhymes

Humpty Dumpty retell with Legos


Ah, who doesn’t love Humpty Dumpty, the tragic tale of an egg…on a wall?!

Nursery Rhymes are pretty bizarre when you think about some of the words. But as strange as they sound, they are so important for preschoolers.

All those simple rhymes have amazing benefits:

  1. Rhyming- Studies have shown pre-reading rhyming skills are the best predictor of later reading ability. So whether it is Humpty sitting on a wall and having a great fall, or Jack and Jill going up a hill,  there’s a lot of practice to be had with rhyming words.
  2. Fine Motor and Coordination- Many great nursery rhymes, (think Itsy Bitsy Spider) have hand movements to go with the rhyme. This is great for building fine motor control, as well as using both hands together.
  3. Listening skills and Recall- Nursery rhymes are short, making them easy to remember. And repeat. Over and over and over….. 😉
  4. Imagination and Gross Motor Skills- Nursery rhymes can be downright silly, making them perfect for preschoolers. We have had a great time at KT pretending to be Jack and Jill carrying a bucket up the hill, or Jack-Be-Nimble jumping over candlesticks, or Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary  tending to her garden.  All excellent ways to keep our preschoolers moving!

We also came up with a fun table activity for our kitchen area, based on The Muffin Man.



Our Muffin Man Bakery
Our Muffin Man Bakery



Baking up some letter muffins
Baking up some letter muffins

A favorite was our Baker Hat, which was super easy to make. I was inspired by a hat found here.

The only change I made was using a plastic grocery bag instead of tissue paper for durability.


Next week we will continue with Nursery Rhymes, focusing on Baa Baa Black Sheep….I will have a fun (albeit messy!) sensory table to share.


Keep Playing.