Little Leprechauns and Rainbows

Happy Leprechaun

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

A week of glitter and green food coloring? MUST be Saint Patrick’s Day!

While I don’t recommend ingesting the green stuff (Shamrock Shake, anyone?), green food coloring came in handy for our themed sensory bin this week.

Here’s how to make your own green rice sensory bin at home:

Only 3 Ingredients
Only 3 Ingredients


4 Cups of rice

4 tsp white vinegar

green food coloring- more or less depending on the shade you want.


Using a gallon-size Ziplock bag, add everything in, and shake it up until well combined.

Then pour out carefully to dry on paper-towel lined cookie sheets/trays.

Different shades of green drying nicely
Different shades of green drying nicely…there are 4 batches pictured


Then, add in all the St. Pat’s bling you can find (we did well at Dollar Tree and Target), scoops, cups, etc.

Shamrocks and Leprechauns galore!
Shamrocks and Leprechauns galore!

You can also see we had these great, little, wooden, gnome-ish blocks that our preschoolers loved stacking and hiding in the rice, and sorting by color.


And celebrating St. Patrick’s Day would not be complete without hunting for those silly Leprechauns who left little green footprints all over our classroom!  So in order to search properly, we needed to make special magnifying glasses.

Tiny stickers made for some nice fine motor practice
Tiny stickers made for some nice fine motor practice

Then we were ready for the hunt!

Looking for the next shamrock
Following the trail of shamrocks…

There were whoops of joy when the trail led right to our playground, and inside our train, a cauldron of goodies!


We also used this week to do a simple weather unit, learning all about rain and rainbows.

I discovered this song, and honestly, cannot stop dancing to it. (Just so catchy!) The kids thought it was great too, and we used it for our Music and Movement at Circle Time.

We also showed our preschoolers our Rainbow in My Room, which they loved, and used it to talk about all the colors in the rainbow.

For a fun project, we had a Race for the Rainbow in our room. There were different stations for each color and our kiddos had to start with Red and fill in their rainbow colors as they raced around the room (using walking feet, of course!)

At the blue table
At the blue table- color recognition, following multi-step directions, improving body awareness, and some fine motor practice with the Do-A-Dots. Making rainbows is a lot of work!  (shhh, don’t tell our kids)        🙂


We finished out weather with a little science experiment.

To make it rain at home, get all the directions here.


Whew! What a great week!

Now, time to clean up after those little Leprechauns! 🙂


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