Holiday Fun was had by all!


Happy Holidays!


Hard to believe the holidays are over and we are prepping for the New Year! This time of year always goes by way too fast…so many wonderful activities and events leading up to a much-needed break. School the day before Christmas Eve = seriously energetic and excited kiddos!


Our preschoolers had a VERY merry few weeks, leading up to Christmas!

We read 2 versions of the Gingerbread Man and talked about how the stories were alike and different.

Image result for gingerbread man book              Image result for gingerbread man book

We rolled, patted, and shaped gingerbread-scented play dough, and did some baking in  dramatic play.

Baking in the kitchen and sorting gingerbread men.
Baking in the kitchen and sorting gingerbread men.
We made sure to not let them run away!!
We made sure to not let them run away!!


We were little elves in Santa’s workshop, building and testing toys, as well as wrapping presents for our friends. The biggest hit was the Battat Take-A-Part Airplane. The kiddos loved the “real” power drill, and took turns putting the plane together and then taking it apart.

Building a plane
Building a plane!
Building planes, cars, and other toys!

Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate on some days, and we were stuck inside. We read Who’ll Pull Santa’s Sleigh Tonight, and found out what would happen if the reindeer got sick. We decided it would be a good idea to prepare in case Santa needed us to pull his sleigh, and practiced some Reindeer Skills: Balancing on the Roof, Galloping around Trees, Dropping presents down the Chimney, and Hopping from Rooftop to Rooftop.

Balancing on the rooftop can be tricky!


We made special gifts for our families, using a small canvas, Q-tips, and paint.

Creating our special trees


We shared our own holiday traditions with each other and had a fun time with special yarn balls filled with treats, brought in by one of our families.

There was yarn EVERYWHERE!


We ended our unit with a Holiday performance for our grown-ups, (acting out an elf poem), and sang Christmas Lights (by Lori Berkner), learning sign language for “Sing” and “Tree.”



Looking forward to a wonderful new year!

Keep playing 🙂