Happy Earth Day!

So kind of embarrassed that there’s been no blogging since, *gasp* January! Oops!

(We’ve been having all kinds of fun, I promise)

But now it is April, and we just finished up our Spring theme, with seeds, flowers, and recycling!

To celebrate Earth Day, we made some recycled crayons! Our families brought in donations of used-up, broken crayons, and we gave them a new lease on life! 🙂

In school, we used our fine motor muscles to tear off the paper on all the broken crayons, and break them into smaller bits if needed.

Then we arranged them in a silicone tray, which was great practice for 1:1 correspondence, color ID, and color matching.


We don’t have an oven at school, so I had to bring them home to finish.

To try it at home, preheat your oven to 275 degrees, and bake for 10-14 minutes, until all the crayons have melted down.

Here is the end result:

We have Spring break now, but our fancy “new” crayons will be waiting for our friends when they come back to school next week!

Happy Spring!

Keep playing 🙂