DIY Jet Pack

Happy Friday!

My house reeked of spray paint the other day, because the garage is just too cold, and we NEEDED jet packs for the classroom, in keeping with our Night Sky Theme. You, however, can have a jet pack and NOT have your house stink. Super bonus!

First, I’ll explain how we made ours, and then give a simple tip, where you can forgo the spray paint.

Our jet pack was inspired by the one found here:

Here is ours:

Our Jet Pack was a big hit!
Our Jet Pack was a big hit!

To make your own, you will need:

-2 large plastic bottles, empty and clean. Soda bottles have cooler designs, but seltzer or any jugs will do.

– cardboard square to use as a base.

-duct tape for straps and/or mounting bottles to cardboard base.

-felt or crepe paper or tissue paper for flames.

-metallic spray paint to look like ours or foil (if you are not feeling the spray paint!)


First, I spray painted the bottles. I had them secured in foam board for less mess.

Metallic paint made all the difference.
Metallic paint made all the difference.

I cut out the cardboard base from a box and added slits with scissors. Then I doubled duct tape over on itself to create the straps.

I had yellow tape on hand.
I had yellow tape on hand.

While the bottles were dry, I cut out felt flames and hot-glued them to the bottles, though any glue or tape should work.

*If you do not have felt, crepe paper or tissue paper give the same flaming effect.

Then I placed the bottles on the cardboard.

Almost ready for take-off
Almost ready for take-off

Lastly, the bottles need to be secured to the cardboard. I tried hot-glue, but it only lasted about a minute with our first tester. I found wrapping silver duct tape around the bottles and the back of the cardboard to work the best. Consider several wraps for heavier play.

So if I still have not convinced you to try spray paint in the dead of winter, here is your alternative. Foil! Wrap those bottles in foil, and follow the rest of the instructions, and you will still get a cool jet pack, minus the smell 🙂


Keep playing!