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Katrina Trask Nursery School strives to provide the best hands on learning experiences for its students. Our philosophy of ‘Learning Through Play’ combined with our focus on creating a cooperative learning environment where student, teacher, parents and caregivers come together to make the most of these formative years make KTNS a one of a kind preschool in our area.  But did you know that we are a 501(c) organization? It means all our costs are covered in-house.  Tuition and semi-annual fundraisers (including our beloved Consignment Sale) have to meet the needs of our school 100%.  But this is where you can HELP!  Any monetary donation to KTNS is tax-deductible and goes to helping keep the school operation and keeps parents and teachers doing what they do best! Interacting with the students, instead of fundraising.  Please consider a tax-deductible donation today.

Would you rather donate by check? No problem!  You can mail a check to our address at 24 Circular Street, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 or Contact Us for other donation options.