“At this rate, my child will never learn how to (fill in the blank)”



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Ah, yes. The great paradox of parenthood.We want our kiddos to stay little forever, but could they grow up already?!


My almost-6-year-old learned how to tie shoelaces this weekend. She actually figured it out while we were in the store, buying her a pair of new pink sneaks. I showed her a few times, and she sat there and practiced, and almost had it. When we arrived home, she immediately put them on, and practiced some more. She did it. ALL BY HERSELF! I was feeling super proud (though admittedly, did not really do anything) and she felt like a rock star.

Compare that to my older daughter, who I was convinced “should know” how to tie her shoes before entering Kindergarten. (Don’t ask me where I got this from- no idea!) Oh, the tears and the struggle. OVER SHOELACES!  And for what?! There are MANY fabulous Velcro-tab options out there! Le Sigh….

I turned this comparison over and over in my head. I had my AHA! moment.

How many times as parents do we “push” our kids, because we “think” they should be able to do something. Or worse, because another child can do it? Honestly, probably too often.  And this is not a post on developmental delays- that a whole different ballgame (and blog post!) This is just those life events, that as parents, we sometimes want to hurry up a bit.



Sleeping through the night?

Potty training?

Learning to read?

Maybe riding a bike?

And yes, even tying shoes!


And while my example is a tad extreme (maybe she’s been secretly practicing with her older sister’s shoes- who knows!), it shows how awesome achieving a milestone can be, as opposed to the latter – tears and frustration.

Looking back, I would definitely choose a scenario where my child felt successful and confident. Who wouldn’t?

One of the biggest challenges for parents of preschoolers can be potty training. The stakes are just so much higher.

“Oh, you cannot tie your shoes, let me help you.”


“Oh, you peed all over your car seat, your toys, and your brother. Let’s go find a laundromat” (True story- but not mine)

Please don’t think you are alone in this struggle. Have you see the number of books about potty training out there? If there was one magic answer, there would not be a booming book industry devoted to it!

Bottom Line: Every child develops at his/her own pace. Just because your child turned 3, it does not mean they are ready. They might be. But they might not, and…wait for it… that’s okay!

Or perhaps you have a child who is already dry all day AND night at the age of 2?  Some kids potty train themselves-  just to keep us guessing!


So, hang in there! Whatever milestone you are struggling with, have faith and patience. Your child will shine, when they are ready. (Just never stray too far from the laundromat.)     🙂


Keep Playing!