A Summer to Let It Go!

It seems almost impossible to read/write/say “Let it Go!” without thoughts of Elsa, even if she is slightly passe these days…

But thinking beyond Elsa, (you can do it, just get a Moana song stuck in your head, but please do NOT go see the Emoji movie- seriously) “Let it Go” is an excellent mantra to stay sane this summer, whether your kiddos are 2,3 or 10 years old.

I am guilty myself, of conjuring up visions of unattainable productivity, and leave summer with feelings of failed potential. OR feeling like the over-achieving tour guide, bent on creating a summer so wonderful and so fantastic and so amazing for my kids, that I am left exhausted.

BOTH unnecessary, and both leave you feeling somehow less than.

So, even if it is already August, I am planning on beginning anew, and mellowing out the rest of the month. I invite you to join me. It’s cathartic!

Painting project in the basement – Let it Go! My kids still are capable of ruining the walls, so best to wait anyway 😉

Weeding the garden- Let it Go! Pretty soon everything will die and be covered in snow, enjoy the green-ness!

Swimming at the lake, followed by play date, followed by ice cream, followed by a BBQ – Let it Go! Even 1 activity would be enough, except for the ice cream. There is ALWAYS time for more ice cream 🙂

Lesson plans and yoga plans for KT- Let it…Just kidding 😉   Those are a priority and will get done!!


However you choose to spend the remaining weeks of summer, have FUN, and remember your kiddos are only little for a short while. Enjoy and don’t blink!


We are looking forward to hearing all about their adventures come September.


Keep playing 🙂