A unique approach to Preschool

Watching our painted ladiesKatrina Trask Nursery School offers a uniquely positive preschool experience for three and four-year-olds.  At KT, we provide an opportunity for your child’s social, emotional, intellectual, and physical growth.

KT  offers parents the rewarding opportunity to actively participate in their child’s school day on a regular basis.  At Katrina Trask, children, parents and teachers together create a warm and friendly extended community for the children to grow and learn within.


Learning through play Children learning

The National Association for the Education of Young Children states that “Research shows the links between play and foundational capacities such as memory, self-regulation, oral language abilities, social skills, and success in school.”
At Katrina Trask we have built a sensory-rich program that allows a child to be fully immersed in his or her education. Themed units provide a solid curriculum that allow children to experience literature, mathematics, science, and the arts. The manipulatives and activities address academic, physical, and social development.  Our program is designed to facilitate the learning of age appropriate academic and social skills needed to be successful in kindergarten and beyond.

Why Choose KT?

Katrina Trask Nursery School  offers a special opportunity where parents and teachers work together in nurturing the growth and development of children in the classroom.  Enthusiastic parental support is one of our school’s greatest resources.

Our school offers parents the opportunity to actively participate in their child’s school day on a regular basis. We offer alternating parent helper days to give every family the chance to participate in the classroom. Parents, family members or a family friend are always invited and encouraged to stay on their child’s helper days.  On your child’s special day they are the “star student” of the day.

children with momA child’s first classroom is home and the first teachers are parents. It therefore makes sense for preschool to be an extension of this. Katrina Trask celebrates the connection between home and school by inviting parents to be a part of their child’s preschool experience. We welcome parent helpers throughout the year and have several events that bring all of our families together.

Katrina Trask Nursery School is a wonderful place to get to know other families through events such as parent socials, pizza night, family pumpkin carving, Pajama Night, and other events. The KT “family” is a warm and friendly extended community for the children to grow and learn within.

Katrina Trask is growing and learning…parents having fun
We understand that there are many demands on a preschool parent’s time. Our staff and board of trustees have been listening to feedback from alum and parents to make Katrina Trask the best preschool for your little one AND you.   We encourage you to visit our unique preschool where the staff and parents work together to build learning opportunities that fit the needs of both children and parents.  We have evidence from our alum that being a part of the Katrina Trask School provides more than just a strong foundation for nurturing a love for learning, it also builds a community of supportive friends that last for years.
In the fall of 2016 we will be offering a 2 day a week program for our 3 year old friends and a 3 day a week program for our 4 year old friends.  Parents and caregivers are always welcome to join us during the day for learning and play. We want you to participate as much you can, with no mandatory commitments in the classroom.  We hope that with our small class size and unique open-door policy Katrina Trask will be the right school for your family.

A Nut-Free Environment

Due to the increased prevalence of nut allergies and the possibly severe reactions they can provoke, we enforce a nut-free environment. Nuts are not allowed in snacks or lunches, and are not used in arts and crafts projects. This policy benefits the health and safety of the children in our program.


KT Rocks in the GrassKatrina Trask Nursery School is located in the Nolan House building of the Presbyterian-New England Congregational Church on Circular Street in Saratoga Springs, but is not affiliated with the Church.